Packing & Storage Tips

Use the Right Size Box

If you aren't sure what size boxes you need, try our retail page.  Small boxes are for thinks like books and movies and bigger boxes are for storing things like blankets, clothes and bedding.

Label Your Boxes

Make sure to use a permanent marker that you can legibly see and write the contents on the outside of the box so you don't have to guess what's inside.

Tape it Up Right

Make sure you tape your boxes so your belongings stay safe and organized when moving.   Pick some up at any of our storage facilities.

Storing in a Unit

Optimize your storage unit!  Try to create an aisle down the center of your unit, it'll help when you need to get all the way to the back, don't worry, you can thank us later.  A map or simple drawing of where each box is kept can save you hours of time looking for that one wardrobe you need.  Try to keep frequently used items towards the front of the locker.  Another useful tip is to keep all boxes at least an inch away from the wall in the storage space to help maintain proper circulation.

Cover it up!

Use mattress bags for mattresses, beds and dressers to help keep the dust off your precious furniture.  Make sure you pick up a few at your closest storage location.

Store Safely

When putting things like lawnmowers or leaf blowers into your storage unit, make sure you drain all the fuel before storing.  The last thing you want is to open up your storage shed and be angered that your bed smells like a gas can.

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